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'Heartfelt thanks from Blake and Lauren' Sept. 11, 2010, Mayne Island

Dear Nadene,
Our deepest gratitude and appreciation to you for bringing your strength, power and wisdom to the ceremony. The ceremony surpassed my wildest expectations... in fact the whole wedding did! Thank you so much for being a part of it and for facilitating our union. I felt like you were my grounding rod during the ceremony, keeping me focused and calm and together. I was vibrating so much I thought I would have lifted off the ground otherwise!

The most amazing and rewarding part of the whole experience was how deeply moved everyone else seemed to be by the ceremony! Obviously for Blake and I it was one of the most intense moments of our life- but the fact that so many others seemed to feel a shift in their own consciousness' as well is amazingly awesome. It really proves to me the power and importance of ceremony and ritual to mark these passages in our lives and bring us all together in a realization of our oneness and the poignancy of life. A lot of my friends said they feel differently about the idea of marriage now... more open to the possibility of what it can mean.
Thanks again and so much love to you!!

Lauren and Blake

"To Thine Own Self Be True"

Two strangers and a wedding’s chosen ones Kimberley and Jeff had no idea how strong a vote was cast into the collective unconscious of “would be wedders” when they said “NO”
In a moment, the two who were willing to have faith that love can be blind, met each other face to face in the courage to say no to their dream.
Up until that moment, it seemed that everything was in their favor to vilify their intellectual satisfaction with their hearts deeper knowing. Everything except time.
Kimberley and Jeff, under extreme amounts of media, familial and personal pressure came out the other end with their integrity. How inspiring is that!

From the time I was asked to participate in this social experiment until that very moment, I sensed that divine order would have its way with these young hopefuls. It is not my position to judge love’s longing for itself, as Kimberley said to me in our interview: “Love comes in all shapes and we are often surprised by its form, but we must stay open to it.”
There is an All Knowing, All Loving Infinite Intelligence that works through Its creation, whose nature is Love which will attract to Itself whatever experience is needed in order to know Itself.
This is a Life Principle that can be substantiated not only by the great mystical minds throughout the ages, but by science.

Why then are so many not able to be true to themselves by saying NO in the desire for long lasting love?
Because the way in which so many of us love, is wrapped in a cloak of fear to reveal who we believe we are and unawareness to the mechanics of spiritual principle. There is only One.


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